I am a big fan of live music. I’ve been to lots of shows. I will go to a lot more.

My favorite band to see is Phish. If you know, you know.

Yesterday they announced a postponement of their four day Madison Square Garden NYE run. I wasn’t going but was still bummed for all that were. The comments on Twitter were mostly people who understood with a few who were angry.

What is so hard to explain about these live shows is the environment of magic they create. It’s not about the music and it’s not about the people — it’s about the way everything fuses together. It’s about those weird moments in life when you suddenly believe, even for a minute, that something bigger than us has our back.

Sometimes this happens intuitively — you just know something is about to happen and then it does. Sometimes it happens spontaneously — your neighbor high fives you and tells you how pumped they are that you’re the person next to them at the exact moment you were feeling alone. Sometimes it happens randomly — you walk to the bathroom and meet the love of your life.

No matter how it happens, it always does.

This synchronicity, these moments where the puzzle of life suddenly becomes clear, is when we get to choose what we believe in. Everything clicks.

For many, these moments can be chalked up to the randomness of the universe. Probability states that everything is bound to happen at least once. Nothing to see here.

For others, these moments are a glimpse into the power of the cosmos. They reinforce a deep, core knowing that there is something bigger than us at work.

I choose to believe in something bigger. I try to create that feeling as often as I can. For me, it’s rocket fuel for the soul.

I think about what Kelly Slater once said in an interview (paraphrasing):

Optimizing for these moments of clarity is my way of doing that. Putting myself in a position for great things to happen. Believing that they will happen.

Instead of seeing my life as a Ferrari revving its engine, I think about the click of a well-made box.



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